Big Man on Campus

the first of many new, but not-so-new pieces ive done from the past year or so.

this one was created for a show at Johansson Projects in Oakland, CA that ran from april-may. by far the largest, most challenging (and slightly annoying) piece ive ever worked on, i cant say i shed any tears when it left my studio. i usually work in the under 8in x 10in range, but this guy was a giant in comparison, measuring 3.5 ft x 1.5 ft and weighing in at 11 lbs!

‘Bloods & Crypts’ 2008, Flashe on wood


a friend was asking me the other day what i do with all of my sketches that never make it pass the initial stages of ‘pencil drawing’.  the answer to that is.. not much!  occasionally ill like one enough to paint it for myself or a show, but more times then not its off to the land of misfit toys..  aka:  the overstuffed file folders hiding on my computer.

here are some rejected ‘Paper’ sketches out for their 15 minutes of fame:

..more to come soon.

Old Piece, New Gal

i was beyond flattered when brilliant photographer, Ryan Schude, e-mailed me this photograph:

that was inspired by one of my older paintings:

the photo is part of a fashion spread he did for the Brooklyn based magazine, RE:UP.

check out his interview at:

or his site at: