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For the Kiddos


I’ve been wanting to do a run of baby/kids clothes for a while now, but I wasn’t sure how they would do.. So I’m testing it out via a drop-ship, made-to-order company, Redbubble.  Here are a few pieces I’m launching in time for the holidays!  All are black & white and are printed in the USA on American Apparel cotton onesies/and or shirts (just click the pull down menu under “style” to select either onesie, baby T, or kids T)

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bikes line2








C is for CHICKEN


Nov 2014 014



 9 lives3





Ghostbusters 3oth Anniversary

So psyched to be a part of this show!  And that I was able to squeeze in one last painting before taking a 2 month ‘new-baby’ break.  After so many years of doing pop-culture related pieces, it can sometimes seem like there’s nothing original left to do, with so much overlap between galleries & shows.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working on these shows, and am so grateful for every invite I get, but I decided this year to cut back on the amount of ones I participate in.

But when G1988 asked me about this one, it was a no-brainer.  One of my favorite movies, and a big anniversary to boot.  I decided to keep it simple, and base my piece off of one of the 1st scenes in the movie.. Dr. Peter Venkman’s ESP test.

This show will be traveling from NYC, to LA, Chicago, & then San Diego Comic-Con.  First up is NYC opening this Saturday!  Info on flyer below.

Venkmans ESP Test

Venkman’s ESP Test

Flashe paint on wood panel, sealed in resin

11in x 8in


‘We Made Them Do It’ at Gallery 1988

Such a fun show opening tonight at Gallery 1988 West!  All artwork was created after the folks at G1988 assigned each artist, a less-than-popular piece of pop culture.  I was assigned the movies: The ‘Burbs, Defending Your Life, & Dragnet Should be a good one!

The ‘Burbs:

The Burbs

Defending Your Life:

Defending Your Life




Yay!  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years, but just never had the time to put together.  I’m doing this as sort of a test run, and will possibly expand a bit if all goes well.  Right now I’m working with a print-on-demand company, so you can choose your own size/color/etc of each design and they will ship out the next day.  I’m currently offering a few of my favorite new & old pop culture pieces, and am so excited to see them in a completely new way!



my ‘tester’ shirt:

joker test

‘The Shining’ Maze Necklace

How amazing is this brass necklace of the maze from The Shining?  My crazy-talented husband made it for me!  So excited (and proud) to finally be able to wear it.. :)

UPDATE: I’ve had a nice response to this necklace, thank you!  I may have to convince my husband to make a few more and put them on my site for sale..

Bad Robot Show at G1988

UPDATE:  I received very limited APs of this SOLD OUT print, and they are currently available in my Etsy shop !

So excited to be able to squeeze in this piece for the Bad Robot Art Experience happening at Gallery 1988 on April 24th!  Even though I’ve been really focused on my upcoming show at G1988 on May 3rd, I was a huge fan of Lost, so I just had to do a piece involving the Smoke Monster.  :)

Game of Chess

Bad Robot at G1988 Preview

Teeny tiny preview of my piece for the upcoming Bad Robot Art Experience at Gallery 1988!  :)


show flyer:


Sunday Review NY Times

I did a fun little piece for the Times this Sunday all about science & buzzwords.  See full article HERE.

Little Thing Magazine

A few months back I worked in collaboration with the amazing Chinese fashion/lifestyle magazine, Little Thing, to do an issue based on the theme, twins.  The entire issue was dedicated to all things in two, from the fashion spreads, to the artwork, to the products featured.  I just received a copy yesterday and even though I can’t read it, it really looks incredible (I mean, there’s even a popup feature.. eeeeep!).

So honored to work with such a great magazine.

cover, issue 25



girls x’s 2 in my work

blah, blah, blah, BRUCE, blah, blah

iPhone Cases Now AVAILABLE

UPDATE: Thanks for the great response, everyone!  A few editions sold out rather quickly, but I will be restocking them soon, along w/ a couple new ones.  Please email me if you’d like to be put on the list: kiersten {at} youfail {dot} com Thanks!

So excited to finally have these iPhone covers available for sale!  All are the Barely There Slim Case style from Casemate and are compatible with 4 / 4S iPhones.

This is sort of a test run, so there’s currently a very limited number of each.  Please email me if you have any questions, or are interested in purchasing one in particular.


A Few More Snapshots

I know I promised more wedding shots, but figured it would be redundant to post them all twice.. So if you’re in the mood for more schmoopie-schmoopie action, click on over to my other blog, Thersic, where I’ll be doing a few big posts.

Post I, Post II, & Post III now up

photos by Jason & Becca Walker

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