Thanks for the free stuff, Brooklyn!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’m been sucked into a blackhole of work and wedding planning.. one more month and things will finally be back to normal!   Anyway, I thought some of you may enjoy this via my other blog, Thersic:

Things have been pretty chaotic around here recently, made especially so with the endless DIY wedding projects we’ve been working on.  I don’t know what crazy frame of mind we were in when we decided to take all of it on, but here we are finding, baking, printing, and constructing everything from our invites, to lighting, to our decorations (w/ the help of dear friends & family, of course!)

Since we’re paying for it ourselves, we are trying to stay on a very tight budget.. So when any possible creative freebies come along, we don’t hesitate.  We decided to pass on a professional florist and keep things simple with a mix of Georgia wild flowers and a couple of our personal favorites.  Instead of buying 100 + vases, we decided to take what Brooklyn itself was offering.. free glass bottles from the 1900-1950s!  Want to find out how?  Keep reading..

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She’s dead. Wrapped in porcelain.

I’m beyond excited to be a part of Gallery 1988′s Idiot Box, which celebrates the gallery’s 5th Anniversary as well as the 20th Anniversary of Saved by the Bell (holy cow, I’m old).  Over 100 artists will be interpreting some of television’s guiltiest pleasures, and it will be hosted by Dennis “Mr. Belding” Haskins.

I couldn’t decide between my 2 favorite shows, so I decided to do a piece from both.  First up, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks..

Laura Palmer, cast Porcelain

The Black Lodge & Red Room

lacquered wood box, red velvet, under glass, w/ removable lid