Sketchy Turned Bag

I had this sketch for this posted a while ago, but then remembered that I never posted photos of the finished Coach bag from the event..


Is This Thing On?

I’m so excited to be part the upcoming show, Is This Thing On?, presented by Gallery 1988 Melrose and Funny or Die.  Each artist participating was given a stand up comic to base a piece on, mine being the lovable, Steve Martin.

I recently finished reading his book, Born Standing Up (which I highly recommend), which is an autobiography of his very earliest years doing stand up in the 1970′s.  I decided to take the super minimalist approach to this piece, painting 2 small iconic objects on wood panels, and sealing them with resin.  The show opens in LA on January 7th.  rumor is that lots of the comics represented will be in attendance.  Woot!

Two New Sketches

Up in my Etsy shop! A couple more coming up this week.

Last day for holiday ordering: This Friday, December 17th!

My Christmas Tree

Since I travel back to Chicago for the holidays, in the 10 years I’ve lived in Brooklyn, I’ve yet to have a real Christmas tree in my apartment.   So this year, I think we may resurrect our studio Christmas tree from a couple of years ago.

Made of dead umbrellas that we found on the street during a rainy night in NYC, it’s hung from the ceiling, weighted down with a rock, topped with part of a hubcap, and decorated with fortune cookie fortunes we collected for the year.  It’s pretty ghetto, but it makes me happy anyway.  Happy Holidays!

thersic tree

thersic tree close

Made in collaboration with our friend, artist/illustrator, Andrew DeGraff.