Lantern Fish Media Logo

I recently finished up a logo for the film production company, Lantern Fish Media.  I wanted to try to get away from the typical image of a lantern fish, and instead play with the idea of incorporating an actual lantern with a stylized fish.

Below is the finished logo, followed by some initial sketches and crest options.




That’s right, after literally years of me saying I needed to update my site, it’s FINALLY done!  For the first time (I think ever) my work is somewhat organized into categories instead of being all over the place.  With the help of my brother and sister-in-law,  I was finally able to learn how to update it myself, which will come in handy for new work and news on upcoming shows, projects, etc.

If it weren’t 10am, I call for a little whiskey to celebrate.   Yay!



Boston Globe Book Review

I did a fun little illustration for Sunday’s cover of the Boston Globe Book Review section for Penelope Lively’s new book, How It All Began. The premise of the book is how one act of violence on the streets of London leads to major changes in the lives of 7 people.  Special thanks to Jane Martin.