Twaggies IV

My tribute to RJD, via TwaggiesClick to view larger.

hand gestures II

Wedding Site: Part II

Since Wes and I aren’t exactly web pros, we needed to keep our wedding site pretty basic (which is fine since all it needs to do is provide info).  We also tried to make it easy to navigate, with simple categories that were pretty self-explanatory.

After coming up with the animation, I drew up a sign post, painted the color separately, and then placed the drawing on top of it.  Below is a still from our homepage (click for larger image).

website color STILL

If you’d still like to view the actual site (dull details & all), feel free to click here.

Lady Letterpress

So excited to finally have her up and running!  We did a little test run a few nights ago, and it works perfectly (although we’re still learning all the proper settings).  Can’t wait to really get things going..  to be continued.


Lady Letterpress


converted my sticker logo (used for shipments) into this:


our first test-run print! (though the scan doesn’t look all that impressive)

Twilight Zone: The Masks

Here is my 2nd piece for the Twilight Zone show at Gallery 1988 (1st one here)..  which we just got word is entitled Another Dimension and will now be opening on May 20th.  This piece is based on one of my other favorite episodes, The Masks.

A wealthy old man is sick and close to dying.  He invites his greedy heirs to a Mardi Gras party where they must wear the masks he specially had made for each of them.. or else be cut off from their inheritance.  The old man wears a skull mask, that later reveals the true “face of death”.


The Face of Death (The Masks), 9in x 9in,

Flash on wood, sealed in resin

Wedding Site: Part I

So I’ve received quite a few emails asking me about the site that Wes and I created for our wedding (thank-you btw, they’ve all been really sweet!).  We’re still updating it as we go along, and I don’t want to bore you with all of the details, so I’ll just post a few elements from it.

We initially looked at a few of the hundreds of free sites out there (which are great and easy to use) but we really didn’t like any of the designs we found.  So we decided to put together our own site that had a more hand made feel to it, and carried the theme of our save-the-date cards.

I started by sketching us on our bike (Bruce in back), then painted the color separately, followed by overlaying the drawing on top of it.  We wanted to animate the bike, so I then redrew a couple more frames and decided to change the pom-poms to tin cans, to give it more of a country feel.  Stay tuned for more!