I’m really excited to be a part of Panorama Project 3, a group show curated by Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens at Jonathan Levine Gallery opening next Saturday, Sept 6th.  It will include over 100 artists, ultimately creating one continuous piece.  Each artist was give a 7in x 5in board and could do whatever they wanted, as long as there was a predetermined horizon line that could be matched up to the piece on either side of it. 

I saw the original Panorama Project back in 2002 (i was the art student pumping the keg and pouring the wine for all attendees) and it was pretty spectacular.  I’m sure this will be a MUST SEE as well, especially since a lot of my good friends, including Courtney Wortherspoon, Andrew Degraff, and Evah Fan (to name a few) are in it! 
My piece for the show:

‘Dipped in Jimmies’  Flashe with resin, 2008

Panorama Project 3  
Jonathan Levine Gallery  
Sep 6 thru Oct 4, 2008
Opening Saturday Sept 6th, 7-9

Weekend Fun

if you live in or around the LA area, have nothing to do Friday night, enjoy cult movies and know who Kevin Smith is you’re not only potentially qualified as a geek, but you may enjoy an awesome opening at Gallery 1988.

Crazy 4 Cult 2 opens tomorrow night, is hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier and will feature over 100 artists reinterpreting various classic cult films. trust me, between the amazing artists included and the Cult movie fans, its going to be insane!

below is one of the posters for the show, done by incredible talent, Scott Campbell.


how adorible are Freddy and Eddie comparing knives? genius!

Serpent’s Tooth

The new backpage for Paper’s September Fall Fashion issue.. 

Shoes by Prada, Pierre Hardy, Marc Jacobs

See the rest of the series HERE.


the vault IV

another piece i did for Next Art Fair..  somewhat inspired by the licorice dispenser from wayne’s world.  hehe.

See, I Recycle!

i put one of my lazy Rejected! sketches to work for once..  this piece as well as another painting were seen at Next Art Fair Chicago via the always wonderful, Cinders Gallery.  not only did i recycle my own idea, i even painted it on top of an editorial piece i did 2 months previously!   just doing my part to save the planet.     

‘The First Day of Summer’  2008, Flashe on wood


the vault III

this piece was created for another group show at Gallery 1988 back in april entitled “Toys“.  the artwork in the show was inspired by all toys that existed pre-video games era and the show was hosted by Mattel, who was celebrating Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary.  the show ran april 1st-25th.

‘Bait and Swith’ 2008, Flashe on wood

Crazy 4 PeeWee!

i was so so so excited when i was invited to participate in L.A. based Gallery 1988′s 2nd annual, Crazy 4 Cult 2 group show.  over 100 artists will be featured, each reinterpreting their own favorite classic cult film.  if that’s not exciting enough, the show is also being hosted by cult movie king, Kevin Smith

i had a hard time narrowing my top choice down, since practically all my favorite movies seem to fall into this category.  but in the end, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure rose to the top. 

show opens August 22nd from 7-11, so if you live in the L.A. area and plan on attending, i would suggest getting in line now..  it’s gonna be CRAZY!!

Gallery 1988 7020 Melrose Ave. LA, CA 90038

the vault II

these were part of a series i created for Aqua Art Miami c/o Cinders Gallery in december 2007, during Art Basel Miami Beach

the first two paintings will be appearing in American Illustration Annual 27, coming out in November 2008. 




the vault I

more work from the 2007 vault..  a series of wallpaper pieces i did, some of them were part of a group show at Giant Robot NY called “Snack Isle” back in September.