Bad Robot Show at G1988

UPDATE:  I received very limited APs of this SOLD OUT print, and they are currently available in my Etsy shop !

So excited to be able to squeeze in this piece for the Bad Robot Art Experience happening at Gallery 1988 on April 24th!  Even though I’ve been really focused on my upcoming show at G1988 on May 3rd, I was a huge fan of Lost, so I just had to do a piece involving the Smoke Monster.  :)

Game of Chess


Coming May 3rd in LA at Gallery 1988 East!!! I’ll be posting previews of pieces coming up this week on Instagram.


Bad Robot at G1988 Preview

Teeny tiny preview of my piece for the upcoming Bad Robot Art Experience at Gallery 1988!  :)


show flyer:


A Little Peek

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen these, but here’s a peek at some work for my upcoming show at G1988!  I’ll be posting previews of pieces this week HERE.




I’m so proud to announce that my 2-person show with the amazingly talented Shannon Bonatakis is coming up quickly at Gallery 1988 East!  More details and sneak peeks to come, but here’s the official flyer below.. Can’t wait!


Tiny Birthday Portraits

This weekend was a fun-filled crazy one, as my siblings, family friends, and I threw my Mom a huge surprise 60th birthday party!  We spent over a month planning, crafting, and setting up a pop-up party for our favorite lady.  So much work, but so very worth it!

I made these tiny portraits of my Mom from the 1970′s, her/my dad today, and their dog, Jack, that were made in to small magnets for the guests to bring home with them.  I have to say, they turned out pretty cute.. And I think they were a big hit!  :)

mom small mom small2