Room 237

I’m so excited to be participating in the upcoming Stanley Kubrick Tribute this September in Dublin at the  Light House Cinema.  Mr. Kubrick has had a HUGE influence on my work, especially the set design, location and styling of The Shining, which is still one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time.

I’ll post more details as the show gets closer, but for now here is my piece, which is based on one of my favorite scenes from The Shining.


Room 237

Flashe on wood w/ resin, 8.5in x 6.5in

It’s Summer.. Wait, What?

Despite my doctor’s request to either “try painting with your left hand” or “hold off on painting all together”, I managed to have a good laugh about it, but not to do either just yet.

My summer has been made up of  frequent mornings at physical therapy and long days in the studio working…  which probably just cancel each other out in the end,  but I’ve dropped dead yet, so I continue to paint in the meantime.

Here are some things coming up:

1.  A big ol’ show at Gallery 1988 LA coming up in August..  LOTS of new work

2.  A small piece for a Stanley Kubrick Tribute show in Dublin (Sept)

3.  The big “Movie Poster Show” at Gallery 1988 San Francisco (Sept)

4.  A BIG, BIG, BIG live event during fashion week in NYC (Sept)

5.  A Charity Art Event at OpenHouse Gallery in NYC (Oct)


a preview of things to come

I must say that I’m really looking forward to my week OUT of the studio, in which I’ll enjoy spending my time doing not much of anything in Chicago.


Giant Shows Attack Each Coast!

Attention LA and NY:  it’s the week of GIANT shows!!

First up, the much anticipated Crazy 4 Cult 3D, showing at Gallery 1988 in LA opens this Thursday, July 16th.  100+ artists, cult movies galore, and host  ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic ..need I say more?  (my piece HERE)


Second, opening this Saturday, July 18th at Giant Robot NY is Dime Bag 3!   225+ of the best artists and illustrators each create artwork that must fit into a 3in x 3in dimebag (my piece HERE)..  bound to be crowded AND excellent.


Dime Bag 3.. The Sequel

Well as it turns out, the original piece I did for Dime Bag 3 never made its way out of the US Postal Service (which means it is most likely never to be found)!  Grrrr.  But, luckily I was granted an extension and was able to whip up another tiny 3in x 3in piece..  which I will be delivering in person.


Homesick, 2009