Crazy 4 Cult: Back in LA

UPDATE: Original brass 1/1 necklace and shadowbox now available HERE.

So excited to be included in my 7th (or is it 8th?) year at Gallery 1988′s Crazy 4 Cult! This year I wanted to try something a little different, so I enlisted the help of my husband, and together we recreated the maze from The Shining.. In wearable necklace form!

Made from Brass Alloy #260, it took 18.6 million revolutions on our CNC machine to cut out!  We went through so many attempts to get the right one.  It hangs in a black shadowbox, with a reversible back panel (so it can lay on flat black or the rug pattern from the Overlook Hotel) so it can be displayed as a piece of art as well.  Really excited about this one.  We’re thinking of doing a small run of these in the future, so if interested, please email me!

Crazy 4 Cult: Back in LA opens Friday December 12th, 7-10pm. Check it out, it’s going to be awesome this year!


front and back


flipped panel

The Maze detail2




More LV Bags

I’ve been doing a string of personalized, hand-painted Louis Vuitton bags for some clients lately, which have been such a fun change of pace!  Below are a few of my favorites..

travel bagsmall

NA 1

LV backpack


A Special Bag for Oprah

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by the folks at SoulCycle asking if I could customize a Louis Vuitton bag for a very special friend of theirs.. The one & only, Oprah Winfrey!

She was celebrating her 60th birthday with a spin class and about 50 of her close friends, and they wanted a custom bag to commemorate the event. I hand painted the SoulCycle logo & some colorful stripes on the front, and some simple, tiny text across the bottom of the back.  So fun!

LV bag frull front

LV bag back

LV final peek

‘The Shining’ Maze Necklace

How amazing is this brass necklace of the maze from The Shining?  My crazy-talented husband made it for me!  So excited (and proud) to finally be able to wear it.. :)

UPDATE: I’ve had a nice response to this necklace, thank you!  I may have to convince my husband to make a few more and put them on my site for sale..

Little Thing Magazine

A few months back I worked in collaboration with the amazing Chinese fashion/lifestyle magazine, Little Thing, to do an issue based on the theme, twins.  The entire issue was dedicated to all things in two, from the fashion spreads, to the artwork, to the products featured.  I just received a copy yesterday and even though I can’t read it, it really looks incredible (I mean, there’s even a popup feature.. eeeeep!).

So honored to work with such a great magazine.

cover, issue 25



girls x’s 2 in my work

blah, blah, blah, BRUCE, blah, blah

Elle Girl Korea:100th Issue Feature

So happy to be featured in Elle Girl Korea once again!  In celebration of their 100th issue, they asked 100 of their favorite worldwide girls (I’m lucky #99) about some of their favorite things, including music, movies, beauty products, and accessories.

If you read Korean, please enjoy.. If not, have fun filling in the blanks.  :)

Style Icons

I finally launched a new home for THERSIC Style Icons!  I would best sum it up as a pop cultured-based, fashion site that you don’t need to know anything about fashion to enjoy.  Enjoy!

Example, Style Icon: Old School Video Games

Style Icon: Children’s Books

My personal Style Icon, Axl Rose of 1989:

Any suggestions for themes, people, places, etc please feel free to email me at: kiersten (at)


3 Days of Painting

And success! Just wanted to say thank you to those who came out to the Reed Krakoff Monogram event, I had so much fun and you all kept me very busy..  I’m happy to report that no bags or wallets were ruined as a result of spilling paint or shaky hands!

2nd image via twoseveninc

Reed Krakoff Monogram Event

Last year I was honored to doodle on bags for COACH, and this year, I’m excited to announce that I will be painting on luggage tags for the amazing REED KRAKOFF at:

-Saks Fifth Ave. Tuesday + Wednesday, November 16-17th

-RK Flagship store Thursday, November 18th

All three events will be from 3-7pm.  Come buy a beautiful bag or just stop in to say hello!

What Hat Should I Wear?

I’ve recently been doing small illustrations for a style column (a Geek style column to be exact), over at TheNextWeb.  So now that it’s Fall, I thought this might be helpful to all of you style challenged, hat wearers out there.  Click to enlarge.

Mini McMansion Bling

Along with countless other projects, Wes and I have been slowly working on expanding our small side business, THERSIC, which is still in the earliest stages of development.  We eventually hope to include all sorts of cool design, paper and home goodies, from artists around the world, along with one-of-a-kind refinished pieces.

Until we officially launch our site  (which may be a while), I thought I’d occasionally post a few teaser pieces on my blog.  This first piece comes from Dwelling–a line of rings we’re doing–and it’s the prototype for our over-sized, McMansion ring (complete with a microscopic-sized yard) done in sterling silver.

It’s big, it’s gaudy, it’s a mini-eyesore!


For more info on Thersic, or to be put on the mailing list, please email me at