A Few More Snapshots

I know I promised more wedding shots, but figured it would be redundant to post them all twice.. So if you’re in the mood for more schmoopie-schmoopie action, click on over to my other blog, Thersic, where I’ll be doing a few big posts.

Post I, Post II, & Post III now up

photos by Jason & Becca Walker

ELLE Girl Korea

I was so honored to be contacted by ELLE Girl Korea for a feature in their December issue.   I answered a few questions for them, but I’m not quite sure what they ended up using, since I don’t read Korean.  :)  It still makes my inner teenager squeal with joy though.  I have to say, the issue really is beautiful.. the photography is incredible!

Anyone read Korean?

UPDATE:  A lovely reader translated this for me in the comments below.. I think the text going from English to Korean back to English, a few things got lost in translation, but I think you can get the gist of it.

3 Days of Painting

And success! Just wanted to say thank you to those who came out to the Reed Krakoff Monogram event, I had so much fun and you all kept me very busy..  I’m happy to report that no bags or wallets were ruined as a result of spilling paint or shaky hands!

2nd image via twoseveninc

Reed Krakoff Monogram Event

Last year I was honored to doodle on bags for COACH, and this year, I’m excited to announce that I will be painting on luggage tags for the amazing REED KRAKOFF at:

-Saks Fifth Ave. Tuesday + Wednesday, November 16-17th

-RK Flagship store Thursday, November 18th

All three events will be from 3-7pm.  Come buy a beautiful bag or just stop in to say hello!