Amy & Tony’s Save-the-Date

Wow, no updates in forever!  I’ve actually been really busy with a million projects & am now 8 months preggo, so things are getting really crazy.  :)

Anyway, I’m so excited to finally share this one, as it’s very near and dear to me.  My sister & future bro-in-law (also happens to be one of my closest friends from high school) are getting married this summer.. So when they asked if I could do their save-the-date, it was a no brainer.  They wanted something simple and fun that also portrayed them, as well as their beloved pets, Moose & Charlie.  I decided to do something in a similar fashion to the Save-the-Date from my wedding, but also tried to make it uniquely theirs.  Really fun to work on!

Essenpreis final save the date front

final text



NY Times Sunday Review: Generation Y

I did another fun illustration for the NY Times, this time for the the cover of the Sunday Review.  It was a really interesting piece all about taking a new, positive look at Generation Y.  You can read more about it HERE



NY Times Spot: Working Without Pay

I did a quick (2-hour deadline!) & fun spot illustration for the NY Times Letters section the other day, all about creative people sharing / giving away their work for free.

final 1

hilarious & horrible sketch:



In celebration of my favorite season, (& in hopes that I will finally give my studio the cleaning it needs), I will be having a HUGE sale on all my original work, prints, & drawings starting this week.

I recently received some of my pop-culture pieces (theDays Off & terrarium pieces) back from Gallery 1988, and will be discounting them up to 50% off!  I will also be offing $15 off all prints, & $10 off all original drawings.  Buy any two pieces & get free shipping (w/in the US only).

Sale will start this Tuesday, October 15th through my Etsy store.  Please feel free to email me with any questions!


some available ORIGINALS (that will be up to 50% off!):


Sunday Review: Binge-Watching TV

I did another fun piece for the NY Times Sunday Review section this weekend, all about binge-watching tv, and addiction to series like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and House of Cards.  Below is the finish and a couple of sketches that weren’t used.



sketch2 sketch3

Bad Robot Show at G1988

UPDATE:  I received very limited APs of this SOLD OUT print, and they are currently available in my Etsy shop !

So excited to be able to squeeze in this piece for the Bad Robot Art Experience happening at Gallery 1988 on April 24th!  Even though I’ve been really focused on my upcoming show at G1988 on May 3rd, I was a huge fan of Lost, so I just had to do a piece involving the Smoke Monster.  :)

Game of Chess

HelloGiggles & Gallery 1988 Present: Young Adult

Recently I’ve had to turn down quite a few awesome theme shows, in order to focus on my 2-person show in May.  But I just couldn’t pass up the upcoming all-girl show, a collaboration between HelloGiggles (founded by Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi, & Molly McAleer) & Gallery 1988 entitled Young Adult.  The show is geared towards a younger female crowd, with all pieces based on various book series, including The Baby-Sitters Club, Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, and Goosebumps.

I spent my pre-teen summers reading literally all of these series, as far into them as my middle-school years would deem socially acceptable.  For my piece, I ultimately decided on Sweet Valley High, because at age 11, I had an older cousin who gave me over 30 of her old SVH books. Even though my mom told me they were too old for me, I read them anyways.. thinking I was reading a taboo, adult series of some kind.  Anyway, I loved them, and would constantly flip back to the covers as I read, checking out the hair styles and clothes they were wearing.

I wanted to do a piece that reinterpreted that famous, circular illustrated cover that usually portrayed Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield in various dramatic poses.  It’s painted on a circular wood panel, with Flashe paint, and is sealed under a layer of resin.  The show opens in LA on February 2nd.

Jessica and Elizabeth

initial color sketch:



invite for show:

Martha Stewart Living – Corn Husk Dolls

I remember making these in Girl Scouts way back when, so illustrating these step-by-step instructions for Martha Stewart was a lot of fun.  Although I would suggest adding clothes to yours, because they sort of have a voodoo doll thing going on without them.

when I grow up..

I recently went through an old box of childhood drawings/schoolwork (some hilarious finds to come) while visiting my parents, and came across this little gem.  In 1st grade we had to draw what we wanted to be when we grew up.. Minus the black hair, I’d say things came pretty darn close! (b/c obviously I own that outfit)  :D


A Maze & Humping Bunnies

This week has been busy with a few fun, quick deadlines.  The first an illo for the Boston Globe’s Book Review Section, of By Blood by Ellen Ullman.  It takes place in the 1970′s, where a college professor becomes fascinated with the conversations of a patient in the office next to his.

The next was an illustration for the NY Times Sunday review.  It went through a few changes, and eventually got a bit censored to a more PG version.  I suppose bunnies humping on Easter might not appeal to most readers..  ;)

version #1 on wood:

version #2 with color background

final version minus the naughty bunnies:

Bloomberg View OpEd

I did a quick little illustration for the Bloomberg View’s OpEd page yesterday.. I forgot how fun a short deadline can be!

I had a few hours to finish this piece on how the Fed/Bernanke can be compared to Eeyore & Tigger.. if they ever had to solve the Hundred Acre Wood’s economy.


Art Director: Phil Lubliner

3 New Covers

I just restocked some sold out iPhone covers along with a few new ones! See ‘em all, HERE.

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