Heeeeyyyyyy you guyyyyysssss!!

I just finished up my Crazy 4 Cult 4 piece(s) for the show over at Gallery 1988!  This year I decided to do a bunch of miniature paintings (each panel is 4in x 4in), depicting some of my favorite props, side characters, and other various semi-important elements from The Goonies.

Can you name all 18?  (See key after the jump for the answers)

18 goonies

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A Very Spooky Wedding

My brother and future sis-in-law are getting married this year on Halloween and are celebrating by having a costume party reception.  I can’t wait!  I’m doing a few drawings for their invites, which I won’t put up on here until they’re all sent out (don’t want to ruin the surprise!), but I will put up an initial sketch I did for the save-the-date.