An Evil Dead Halloween


I got a bit of a late start on my costume this year, but luckily my friend Marc & I had already decided on Evil Dead 2 last Halloween while creating our They Live costumes.   I’ve been wanting to try and recreate a version of these hats from a painting I did a while back, so it was a great excuse to give it a shot!  I went as the cabin, Marc went as Necronomicon, and we bloodied up my husband to play Ash.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have already seen some of these, but I decided to add a few work in progress shots.  Hope you have a Happy Halloween!



Marc created the foam-core structure (complete with a light & switch), while I built up the structure of a vintage hat and painted the cabin.  Add a hot glue gun, tiny trees, a matchbox car, tease up the hair, and Presto!

Marc built his book with a skull mask as a base.. Yep, it actually opens & closes!

Marc did Wes’ blood, while I used that cheap haircolor/spray you can get at a Halloween shop (it actually worked, surprisingly!) to spray his hair dark (he’s normally a redhead)

As a side note, the next day I woke up and found this next to my bed.  :)

Martha Stewart Living – Corn Husk Dolls

I remember making these in Girl Scouts way back when, so illustrating these step-by-step instructions for Martha Stewart was a lot of fun.  Although I would suggest adding clothes to yours, because they sort of have a voodoo doll thing going on without them.

NY Times Op-Ed

I did a fun little piece for the Times Op-Ed last week about being gay in the deep South.  Special thanks to art director, Matt Dorfman!