Snow Vultures

I just returned home from an 18 hour work-trip to sunny Miami (trust me, I wish it had been longer!), and literally missed the 2nd largest snow storm this month– AGAIN!

The weird thing was, a few hours before I left, about 20 seagulls circled our roof for over an hour.  They were making all sorts of creepy noises, and when I went up there, they screeched even louder.  Flashes of The Birds came over me, and decided it would be best to go back downstairs..

no Photoshop needed

Forgotten Paintings From the Vault

So my ol’ website of 6 years (that’s like 120 in Internet years, right?) is finally getting a complete makeover!  I’m expecting it to take me a little while, as I’m trying to edit out a lot of things, as well adding all sorts of new goodies, but I’m excited all the same.

While searching though my virtual junk drawer of old files, I came across a few pieces I painted, scanned and completely forgot about. All of them were done for various gallery shows and have since sold, but I don’t think I ever got around to posting them on my site. Some of them are pretty old (when I used to work with acrylic!), but I still thought a few of you may be interested in seeing them.

(click for larger view)

Whippersnappers, acrylic on wood

Indian, Elephant, Bird, Dog, acrylic on wood

Seven Minutes of Heaven, Flashe paint on wood, sealed in resin

Rejected Dunny Designs

The folks at Kid Robot contacted me a few months ago to come up with a couple of designs for their 2011 Dunny Collection.  These did not make the cut.

And the cute friends continue..

Someone recently asked me why I’ve started drawing in this simplified style, and the truth is, I’m not sure!

I started doing these tiny portraits of friends and family as gifts I was giving, and now all I want to do is make everyone I know into a ridiculously cute stick figure! Anyway, we’ll see were it goes.  This one was a little holiday gift for my dear friends Michelle & Drew.