Seinfeld in Gold: Necklaces About Nothing

So, it’s been a crazy few months. What’s felt like a million projects and jobs all due one right after the other, lots of big decisions, mom duty, and attempting to completely redo my site has left me wondering how the hell it’s already October.  Anyway, in between all that my husband and I have continued to expand on our fun little jewelry-making venture.

As everyone knows, Seinfeld is my all-time favorite show (proof here and here), so I was THRILLED when I got invited to participate in Galley 1988 (East)’s ‘Art Show About Nothing’.  We decided to do a small, limited line of affordable pieces based on some of my favorite lines from the show, 5 quotes all together.  They are all gold-plated, handcrafted, and boxed in hand-stamped box inspired by black & white cookies because,.. SEINFELD.  They will be available in small quantities starting next Saturday through Gallery 1988.

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Theyre Real box s  Theyre Real bust s

‘They’re Real and They’re Spectacular’
Plate: 2.25in x 1in
18in split chain
 ‘The Jerkstore Called, They’re Running Out of You’
Plate: 2.25in x 1.25in
18in chain
‘The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friend’
Plate: 1in x 2.25in
18in chain
Plate: 1.75in x .5in
16in split chain
 ’Giddy Up’
Plate: 1.5 in x 1in
16in split chain
signed with a tag!
‘look to the cookie’ boxes
sein show

Well, I’m Back

After an unexpected drive down to Georgia, I’m finally back in my studio and I’m actually painting!  I know, I can’t believe it either.  I’m working on a few pieces for the 2011 iam8bit show in LA.  I can’t reveal any details just yet, but I will say this, this show is gonna be a good one.

I swear I will soon turn this back into an actual art blog, but until then, here’s a few snapshots from this weekend:

Brooklyn Motorized in The NY Times

The electric motorcycle Wes designed for Brooklyn Motorized is being featured in the NY Times today!  I’m so proud.

Read about it HERE.

Style Icons

I finally launched a new home for THERSIC Style Icons!  I would best sum it up as a pop cultured-based, fashion site that you don’t need to know anything about fashion to enjoy.  Enjoy!

Example, Style Icon: Old School Video Games

Style Icon: Children’s Books

My personal Style Icon, Axl Rose of 1989:

Any suggestions for themes, people, places, etc please feel free to email me at: kiersten (at)


My Christmas Tree

Since I travel back to Chicago for the holidays, in the 10 years I’ve lived in Brooklyn, I’ve yet to have a real Christmas tree in my apartment.   So this year, I think we may resurrect our studio Christmas tree from a couple of years ago.

Made of dead umbrellas that we found on the street during a rainy night in NYC, it’s hung from the ceiling, weighted down with a rock, topped with part of a hubcap, and decorated with fortune cookie fortunes we collected for the year.  It’s pretty ghetto, but it makes me happy anyway.  Happy Holidays!

thersic tree

thersic tree close

Made in collaboration with our friend, artist/illustrator, Andrew DeGraff.

A Few Hitchin’ Pics

We just got a few of our wedding pictures back and they are so much fun!  I’m putting together a larger post, but until then, here’s one of my favorites (we couldn’t stop laughing b/c this dog almost peed on my dress.. and this was before we even got married!), followed by a few detail shots.

photos by our talented and dear friends, Jason & Rebecca Walker

‘Thank-You’ Wedding Party Gifts

I decided I’d better get posting on this blog before it expires out of boredom..  I have a few small projects in the works, as well as new work (about time, isn’t it?) to post coming soon, but until then I thought I’d post one of our wedding details.

I know every girl probably says this, but I seriously had the BEST wedding party!  Made up of my two sisters, best friend from high school, and my best friend from college; they all were amazing, incredibly helpful, and so adorable the day of.

I wanted to give them something sweet & personal, so I decided to draw little portraits of them in the style of our wedding Save-the-Dates and frame them.  I can’t put up all of them just yet, since two of them are still en route to Chicago, but here’s my oh-so-cute friend, Courtney.

CourtneyW copy

Ball & Chain

just married

Well, it’s official..  I’m finally hitched!  After a wonderful couple of weeks down on St. Simons Island, GA, our small, sweet, and very DIY southern wedding was a complete success.  I’m planning a post with some of the details in the near future, but have quite a few (well, more than a few) photos to sort through.  Until then, I’m back in the studio and trying to get back in the swing of that thing called work. Much love.

photo courtesy of Carla Cox

Thanks for the free stuff, Brooklyn!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’m been sucked into a blackhole of work and wedding planning.. one more month and things will finally be back to normal!   Anyway, I thought some of you may enjoy this via my other blog, Thersic:

Things have been pretty chaotic around here recently, made especially so with the endless DIY wedding projects we’ve been working on.  I don’t know what crazy frame of mind we were in when we decided to take all of it on, but here we are finding, baking, printing, and constructing everything from our invites, to lighting, to our decorations (w/ the help of dear friends & family, of course!)

Since we’re paying for it ourselves, we are trying to stay on a very tight budget.. So when any possible creative freebies come along, we don’t hesitate.  We decided to pass on a professional florist and keep things simple with a mix of Georgia wild flowers and a couple of our personal favorites.  Instead of buying 100 + vases, we decided to take what Brooklyn itself was offering.. free glass bottles from the 1900-1950s!  Want to find out how?  Keep reading..

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Love, Sweat, and Tears: Wedding Invites Part II

With the printing all complete, it was time to move on to the cutting, folding packing and sending..

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Love, Sweat, and Tears: Wedding Invites Part I

The tears being tears of joy that we actually finished these babies!  We’ve received a few emails from friends & family asking us how we created our wedding invites, so we decided to do a little (and by little, I mean long) post on it.  Read on below:

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Wedding Site: Part II

Since Wes and I aren’t exactly web pros, we needed to keep our wedding site pretty basic (which is fine since all it needs to do is provide info).  We also tried to make it easy to navigate, with simple categories that were pretty self-explanatory.

After coming up with the animation, I drew up a sign post, painted the color separately, and then placed the drawing on top of it.  Below is a still from our homepage (click for larger image).

website color STILL

If you’d still like to view the actual site (dull details & all), feel free to click here.

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