3 Days of Painting

And success! Just wanted to say thank you to those who came out to the Reed Krakoff Monogram event, I had so much fun and you all kept me very busy..  I’m happy to report that no bags or wallets were ruined as a result of spilling paint or shaky hands!

2nd image via twoseveninc

Reed Krakoff Monogram Event

Last year I was honored to doodle on bags for COACH, and this year, I’m excited to announce that I will be painting on luggage tags for the amazing REED KRAKOFF at:

-Saks Fifth Ave. Tuesday + Wednesday, November 16-17th

-RK Flagship store Thursday, November 18th

All three events will be from 3-7pm.  Come buy a beautiful bag or just stop in to say hello!

What Hat Should I Wear?

I’ve recently been doing small illustrations for a style column (a Geek style column to be exact), over at TheNextWeb.  So now that it’s Fall, I thought this might be helpful to all of you style challenged, hat wearers out there.  Click to enlarge.

Mini McMansion Bling

Along with countless other projects, Wes and I have been slowly working on expanding our small side business, THERSIC, which is still in the earliest stages of development.  We eventually hope to include all sorts of cool design, paper and home goodies, from artists around the world, along with one-of-a-kind refinished pieces.

Until we officially launch our site  (which may be a while), I thought I’d occasionally post a few teaser pieces on my blog.  This first piece comes from Dwelling–a line of rings we’re doing–and it’s the prototype for our over-sized, McMansion ring (complete with a microscopic-sized yard) done in sterling silver.

It’s big, it’s gaudy, it’s a mini-eyesore!


For more info on Thersic, or to be put on the mailing list, please email me at

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