Wedding Site: Part I

So I’ve received quite a few emails asking me about the site that Wes and I created for our wedding (thank-you btw, they’ve all been really sweet!).  We’re still updating it as we go along, and I don’t want to bore you with all of the details, so I’ll just post a few elements from it.

We initially looked at a few of the hundreds of free sites out there (which are great and easy to use) but we really didn’t like any of the designs we found.  So we decided to put together our own site that had a more hand made feel to it, and carried the theme of our save-the-date cards.

I started by sketching us on our bike (Bruce in back), then painted the color separately, followed by overlaying the drawing on top of it.  We wanted to animate the bike, so I then redrew a couple more frames and decided to change the pom-poms to tin cans, to give it more of a country feel.  Stay tuned for more!

Mini McMansion Bling

Along with countless other projects, Wes and I have been slowly working on expanding our small side business, THERSIC, which is still in the earliest stages of development.  We eventually hope to include all sorts of cool design, paper and home goodies, from artists around the world, along with one-of-a-kind refinished pieces.

Until we officially launch our site  (which may be a while), I thought I’d occasionally post a few teaser pieces on my blog.  This first piece comes from Dwelling–a line of rings we’re doing–and it’s the prototype for our over-sized, McMansion ring (complete with a microscopic-sized yard) done in sterling silver.

It’s big, it’s gaudy, it’s a mini-eyesore!


For more info on Thersic, or to be put on the mailing list, please email me at

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