NY Times Op-Ed: A No-Fly Zone for Knives

I did another quick illustration for the NY  Times Op-Ed section.  The piece was written by an airline stewardess who opposes T.S.A.’s decision to allow passengers to carry small knives.. I had fun coming up with ideas for this one!

knife plane


Life After Work

It’s been an insane few months, between trying to crank out paintings for my upcoming show at Gallery 1988 and the few freelance gigs I can squeeze in.. Let’s just say my house is a disaster, sometimes Iwear sweatpants until 2pm, and I haven’t had a haircut since, well, I can’t remember.. But my hair’s so long, I could probably go topless outside and not be arrested.

Anyway, this week I was able to do a quick illustration for the NY Times Sunday Review section, b/c I needed a break from painting & I loved the article entitled, “Is There Life After Work?“  Special thanks to the wonderful Aviva Michaelov, who art directed!

finish grey small

Press Paws

I’m more than thrilled to be a part of Press Paws, a charity art show taking place on February 9th, at Gallery Nucleus.  All proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to the ALL volunteer animal rescue, Whats Up Dog LA.  Each artist was asked to pick their favorite animal from a video game & create a piece based on it.. I chose a Spiny from Super Mario Bros, who I always found to be both cute, and sort of annoying.  :)

More info on the great event, and a chance to donate HERE.

Spiny Pet

13in x 8in

Flashe paint on wood, sealed in resin

Bloomberg View + Updates

Things have been a little slow here on the blog, but then again, very busy in my studio!  I have two, sorta-secret projects in the works (more on that a little later), and I’m trying to take a few fun freelance jobs along the way.  This week I did a little piece for the Bloomberg View, on the historical vs. modern interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. Read it HERE.

In fun news, my husband and I bought the tiniest pickup truck of all time.  It’s ridiculous.  Anyway, I’ll have a bit more info after the holidays about the cool things happening in 2013.  Until then, have a very warm, safe, & Merry Christmas!

NY Times Letters Section

I did a quick little illustration for this weekend’s  NY Times Letters Section, about the Romney ‘gifts comment’.


Martha Stewart Living – Corn Husk Dolls

I remember making these in Girl Scouts way back when, so illustrating these step-by-step instructions for Martha Stewart was a lot of fun.  Although I would suggest adding clothes to yours, because they sort of have a voodoo doll thing going on without them.

NY Times Op-Ed

I did a fun little piece for the Times Op-Ed last week about being gay in the deep South.  Special thanks to art director, Matt Dorfman!

NY Times Sunday Review : Are Americans Selfish?

This week I worked on a fun little illustration for the Times Sunday Review ‘Letters’ section about Americans & selfishness.  I actually worked on two pieces for them this week, but one of them got killed..  As is the world of freelance!

Martha Stewart Living – Braid Basics

I was recently asked to illustrate step-by-step instructions for 4 different types of braids in the August 2012 issue of Martha Stewart Living.  It was a fun change of pace for me, after weeks of sitting in my studio painting.

I have to say though, I was able to figure out how the braids were completed enough to draw each step, but I have yet to personally master a successful fishtail braid.  Hopefully her readers have better luck than I did!

A Series for Bloomberg View

This week I took a little break from painting to work on a 3-part series for Bloomberg View.  Having short, quick deadlines 3 days in a row was actually a welcomed change, since I’ve been really struggling with one painting in particular.

In other news, there’s lots of awesome stuff coming up for the remainder of summer that I can’t wait to share!  Hope you’re having a good one.

(click image for corresponding article)

‘One President’s Economic Legacy Is His Successor’s Burden’

‘Democratic Presidents Are Better for the Economy’

‘When Ideology and Tax Cuts Mix, the Economy Loses’

A Maze & Humping Bunnies

This week has been busy with a few fun, quick deadlines.  The first an illo for the Boston Globe’s Book Review Section, of By Blood by Ellen Ullman.  It takes place in the 1970′s, where a college professor becomes fascinated with the conversations of a patient in the office next to his.

The next was an illustration for the NY Times Sunday review.  It went through a few changes, and eventually got a bit censored to a more PG version.  I suppose bunnies humping on Easter might not appeal to most readers..  ;)

version #1 on wood:

version #2 with color background

final version minus the naughty bunnies:

Bloomberg View OpEd

I did a quick little illustration for the Bloomberg View’s OpEd page yesterday.. I forgot how fun a short deadline can be!

I had a few hours to finish this piece on how the Fed/Bernanke can be compared to Eeyore & Tigger.. if they ever had to solve the Hundred Acre Wood’s economy.


Art Director: Phil Lubliner

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