Judd Apatow Tribute

Now available for sale HERE

I’m really excited to be participating in Gallery 1988′s tribute to Judd Apatow (who will also be hosting), which opens December 4th.  I decided to go with one of my all-time favorite shows, Freaks and Geeks.   I remember watching it when it first came out and I was in high school (I’m old), but have since rewatched the entire series while working in my studio probably a dozen times.  If you’ve never seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it on Netflix immediately.. It’s brilliant.

My miniature piece, Careful Not to Pull Their Bra Straps, is inspired by the episode, We’ve Got Spirit, and portrays McKinley High’s finest cheer team & mascot.

Flashe paint on wood, sealed in resin



Update: On super sale HERE

This piece was a nice change of pace for me, as I was able to get back into some of my old obsessions: repeating textures, patterns, and color!  Created for the Dreaming Child show at Chicago’s Gallery 27, artists were asked to create a piece based on their favorite fairy tale, children’s book, or bedtime story.

I decided on one of my all-time favorites, the well-known classic, Sleeping Beauty. It gave me a great excuse to work on something super girly (long hair, rosy cheeks, flowers– the works!), as it’s been a while. I also tried out a few new things with this piece; playing with the perspective, composition, and depth, along with adding a few different kinds of texture. It was a lot of fun painting this, and I was finally able to sit & listen to Stephen King’s The Stand (on audiobook) in its entirety!


10.5in x12.5in

Flashe paint on wood, sealed in resin

30 Days of Saul Goodman

UPDATE: T-Shirts now available!

What can I say about the Breaking Bad Art Project, except that I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to participate!  Not only is Breaking Bad one of my favorite TV shows currently on TV, but I have been such a fan of the amazing art/posters being created as part of the BreakingGifs campaign.

When I started sketching out ideas for my piece, I kept coming back to my favorite character on the show: the hilarious, slightly corrupt, sleazy but charming, strip-mall layer, Saul Goodman.  What cracks me up about him most is his loud, mismatched, colorful wardrobe.

So I decided to go through each & every episode that Saul was in and document exactly what he was wearing.  Yes, it took forever, but it was great excuse to rewatch 4+ seasons of great TV!  They’re all individual 5in x 5in painted wood panels, each sealed in resin.  Below, in order left to right, I give you 30 Days of Saul Goodman:

0 Days of Saul Goodman

(each piece) 5in x 5in

Flashe paint on wood, sealed in resin

step-by-step process:

cut wood, sand & shellac, label each piece in order, organize, paint, paint, resin!


BB Art Project Teaser

Day #13 of 30 Days of Saul Goodman.  Yep, 29 more to come..

5in x 5in, Flash on wood, sealed in resin

Crazy 4 Cult: New York

I can’t believe this will be my 5th time participating in Gallery 1988′s Crazy 4 Cult show!  I’ve really loved creating work for this show over the past few years, it always gives me a good excuse to rewatch some of my favorite movies.  This year I couldn’t decide between my childhood favorite, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  & my teenage favorite, Escape From New York.

Pieces available HERE.

I Gotta Take a Stand

movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

13in x 13in, Flashe paint on wood, sealed in resin

The Duke Arrives

movie: Escape From New York

18in x 18in, Flashe paint on wood, sealed in resin

Crazy 4 Cult: New York
opening Thurs. August 9th
reception 6-9 PM
 64 Gansevoort St.

Steve Martin Tribute (part II)

Things have been a little crazy around here this past month..  I recently moved (I know, again) to a little house in Chicago, as well as taking on a few freelance gigs and doing 5 new events with Reed Krakoff in NYC, Boston, Beverly Hills & San Francisco.

Anyway, I’m very excited to be participating in the Steve Martin tribute show, Exuuuuuse Meeeeeeee at Gallery 1988 Venice.  Unfortunately there was a bit of a catastrophe in my studio (a real-life version of the game Mouse Trap is more like it) and the piece I had been working on was completely ruined.  Without much time to fix it, I decided to leave the painting flat-lined, & just contribute this tiny one below.. Which is sort of a continuation of my last Steve Martin piece that can be seen here.


8.5in x 8.5in, Flashe on wood, sealed in resin



Avengers Show

I’m so thrilled to be participating in the very special Avenger’s event, Assemble, this Thursday, May 3rd.  Put together in collaboration with Disney, Marvel, and Gallery 1988, it will be held at 7021 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles from 7-10pm, the night before the movie premiere.  Lots of awesome artists and people are involved (flyer here), so be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!

Hulk Goes Green

13in x 13in, Flashe on wood, sealed in resin

Captain America on Saturday Morning

13in x 13in, Flashe on wood, sealed in resin



I’m really honored and excited to be participating in Gallery 1988′s 8th Anniversary show, Memes!  I had a hard time narrowing down my ideas for this one, so I decided to do bunch of little pieces, showcasing some of my favorite memes.

Mouth 4 Eyes

6in x 6in, Flashe on wood, sealed in resin

Princess Beatrice’s Hat

6in x 6in, Flashe on wood, sealed in resin

Double Carbs

12.5 in x 5.5 in, Flashe on wood, sealed in resin

Free Candy Van

12.5 in x 7.5 in, Flashe on wood, sealed in resin

Fuckin Magnets

10in x 10in, etched corian tile, letters sealed in acrylic paint

I Like Turtles

10in x 10in, etched corian tile, letters sealed in acrylic paint


May 3rd, 7pm, 7021 Melrose Ave. And very hush-hush.

(More info soon)



A Maze & Humping Bunnies

This week has been busy with a few fun, quick deadlines.  The first an illo for the Boston Globe’s Book Review Section, of By Blood by Ellen Ullman.  It takes place in the 1970′s, where a college professor becomes fascinated with the conversations of a patient in the office next to his.

The next was an illustration for the NY Times Sunday review.  It went through a few changes, and eventually got a bit censored to a more PG version.  I suppose bunnies humping on Easter might not appeal to most readers..  ;)

version #1 on wood:

version #2 with color background

final version minus the naughty bunnies:

Put. A. Bird. On. It. (or 1,000)

So excited to be included in the upcoming Alfred Hitchcock tribute, Suspense & Gallows Humor at Gallery 1988 Venice.  Not only is this one of my favorite tribute shows, but I was also able to base a piece on one of my all-time favorite movies; the 1963 classic, The Birds.. Can’t wait for this one!  Opens Friday, April 15th.

click to enlarge


Hitchcock Tribute Coming Soon

The past few weeks have been spent working on my tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, an upcoming show at Gallery 1988.  Here is a little peek at the progress of my piece so far.. More coming soon!

1/4 complete:

3/4 complete:


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