High-5 for AI

I was very excited to receive the news yesterday that I was selected for the American Illustration 28 Annual!  I’m very honored to appear for the 5th time (wow, I’m getting old!) in the annual that throws the BEST damn party in town.. especially among such dear friends (and strangely, ALL former roomies) Courtney Wotherspoon, Evah Fan, and Andrew Degraff.  Below are the champs that made it..



For the Halloweenies

Because my favorite holiday of all time is coming up, I decided to zombify an old drawing for all you Halloweenies.  And in return, you trick-or-treaters can give all your unwanted orange & black taffy candies.. I’ll even trade candy bars for them.  Have a spooooky Halloween!

Regular House/ Haunted House

*thanks to my bro for doing my Flash homework..  i owe you all my SweeTarts.

The Editorial Vault

I’m been working on a large painting (well what seems large to me anyway) for the last few weeks, so I thought it might be a good time to break out some recent (well, relatively) editorial work..  since sometimes it can be different than my gallery work.

Do Blonds Have More Fun? “, Nylon Magazine

How to Leave a Party Unnoticed “, Blueprint Magazine


the vault VI

Hunting Game” Flashe on wood, 2007

Waste Time

A little extension of the Waste Time section from my site..  just some random photos i take when im out and about.  Lots of these guys are just sitting in my computer vault, so look for more on rainy days and weekends.  These are from a recent trip to Las Vegas..



The Vault V

One more from the hidden depths of my computer.. 

‘Run Out of Town’ Flashe on wood 2008

the vault IV

another piece i did for Next Art Fair..  somewhat inspired by the licorice dispenser from wayne’s world.  hehe.

See, I Recycle!

i put one of my lazy Rejected! sketches to work for once..  this piece as well as another painting were seen at Next Art Fair Chicago via the always wonderful, Cinders Gallery.  not only did i recycle my own idea, i even painted it on top of an editorial piece i did 2 months previously!   just doing my part to save the planet.     

‘The First Day of Summer’  2008, Flashe on wood


the vault III

this piece was created for another group show at Gallery 1988 back in april entitled “Toys“.  the artwork in the show was inspired by all toys that existed pre-video games era and the show was hosted by Mattel, who was celebrating Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary.  the show ran april 1st-25th.

‘Bait and Swith’ 2008, Flashe on wood

the vault II

these were part of a series i created for Aqua Art Miami c/o Cinders Gallery in december 2007, during Art Basel Miami Beach

the first two paintings will be appearing in American Illustration Annual 27, coming out in November 2008. 




the vault I

more work from the 2007 vault..  a series of wallpaper pieces i did, some of them were part of a group show at Giant Robot NY called “Snack Isle” back in September.

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