A Few More Snapshots

I know I promised more wedding shots, but figured it would be redundant to post them all twice.. So if you’re in the mood for more schmoopie-schmoopie action, click on over to my other blog, Thersic, where I’ll be doing a few big posts.

Post I, Post II, & Post III now up

photos by Jason & Becca Walker

ELLE Girl Korea

I was so honored to be contacted by ELLE Girl Korea for a feature in their December issue.   I answered a few questions for them, but I’m not quite sure what they ended up using, since I don’t read Korean.  :)  It still makes my inner teenager squeal with joy though.  I have to say, the issue really is beautiful.. the photography is incredible!

Anyone read Korean?

UPDATE:  A lovely reader translated this for me in the comments below.. I think the text going from English to Korean back to English, a few things got lost in translation, but I think you can get the gist of it.

A Few Hitchin’ Pics

We just got a few of our wedding pictures back and they are so much fun!  I’m putting together a larger post, but until then, here’s one of my favorites (we couldn’t stop laughing b/c this dog almost peed on my dress.. and this was before we even got married!), followed by a few detail shots.

photos by our talented and dear friends, Jason & Rebecca Walker

Thanks for the free stuff, Brooklyn!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’m been sucked into a blackhole of work and wedding planning.. one more month and things will finally be back to normal!   Anyway, I thought some of you may enjoy this via my other blog, Thersic:

Things have been pretty chaotic around here recently, made especially so with the endless DIY wedding projects we’ve been working on.  I don’t know what crazy frame of mind we were in when we decided to take all of it on, but here we are finding, baking, printing, and constructing everything from our invites, to lighting, to our decorations (w/ the help of dear friends & family, of course!)

Since we’re paying for it ourselves, we are trying to stay on a very tight budget.. So when any possible creative freebies come along, we don’t hesitate.  We decided to pass on a professional florist and keep things simple with a mix of Georgia wild flowers and a couple of our personal favorites.  Instead of buying 100 + vases, we decided to take what Brooklyn itself was offering.. free glass bottles from the 1900-1950s!  Want to find out how?  Keep reading..

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Love, Sweat, and Tears: Wedding Invites Part II

With the printing all complete, it was time to move on to the cutting, folding packing and sending..

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Love, Sweat, and Tears: Wedding Invites Part I

The tears being tears of joy that we actually finished these babies!  We’ve received a few emails from friends & family asking us how we created our wedding invites, so we decided to do a little (and by little, I mean long) post on it.  Read on below:

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Lady Letterpress

So excited to finally have her up and running!  We did a little test run a few nights ago, and it works perfectly (although we’re still learning all the proper settings).  Can’t wait to really get things going..  to be continued.


Lady Letterpress


converted my sticker logo (used for shipments) into this:


our first test-run print! (though the scan doesn’t look all that impressive)

I’m Thankful

For these people, places, and things for making this year a remarkable one!  THANK YOU, I am truly grateful.


Rats Nest

I’m a little sad not to be heading to the Midwest for Thanksgiving this year, but I do still intend on doing LOTS of cooking and spending the long weekend working (and eating leftovers) from the comfort of my studio.

Have a very HAPPY and SAFE Thanksgiving everyone!


Studio photo by Jason Rodgers for Sadie Magazine

We Illustrators Know How to Party

It’s one of my favorite days of the year..  the annual, the anticipated, the notorious American Illustration/ American Photography book release party!  Comparable to Christmas, it brings together some of my favorite creative people and everyone eats, drinks, and blabs without boundaries..  this party never disappoints!

I was so excited to have one of my best friends, Courtney Wotherspoon, in town from Toronto for the party..  Both books looked amazing this year, showcasing the most talented in the fields.  I am honored to be included in the book for my 5th year, with these two pieces seen HERE.


party party

For more info on the books or to enter, visit the AI-AP site HERE.

Down South

I spent the weekend in Georgia enjoying the weather and eating until I dropped!


I Love Love!

I’d like to congratulate one of my favorite people of all time–


my friend, former roomie, and crazy-talented,  Evah Fan on getting married this week, to the amazingly gifted artist, Brendan Monroe!  There’s so much talent between the two of them that I think this union will probably result in new secret superpowers or something.   Happiness!


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