A Date with Coach: The Novel

I was pretty nervous to be working out of my element (aka: alone in my studio), but I have to say that changing paint for paint markers, and wood for canvas totes really wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.  Usually it takes me forever to complete even the simplest of paintings, so I was worried that doing one bag in under 10 min would be a disaster..

Turns out that after some major practice, I found a method that really seemed to work for me.  The girls at Coach were nice enough to send me some test canvas a head of time, so I was able to see what I wanted to use well before the event date.  I knew that paint would be way too slow for me, so a friend of mine suggested that I try using paint markers..  After ordering about $200 in various brands and colors, I found a few that I was happy with.

I then decided that it may be best for me to do ALL of my drawings a head of time (I get very nervous drawing under pressure).   I was also concerned with people standing in line getting bored, so I thought if I printed out the drawings first, it would give them something to do while waiting.  Each person could choose their own drawing, which I would then transfer to the bag and color.   I eventually got the hang of it as the night went on and the 4 hours absolutely flew by.

What was really amazing though was that everyone in line was so so so sweet and patient!  A few people even waited over an HOUR and still had a smile on their face (even when the drinks ran out!) by the time I got to them.  I was really thankful for such a nice, calm atmosphere, even amongst the masses of people who attended.

I only wish that I could have had the opportunity to speak with more people..  Unfortunately my multi-tasking ability is a little rusty, so for most of the night my head was down, looking at what I was drawing.  Apologies to everyone if I came across as a bit quiet or rude.  I really had so much fun, thank you to Coach for having me, and thank you all for coming out!


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